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Possibilities offers a non-judgmental setting in which clients are heard, supported and offered time and space to better understand themselves, their lives and their futures.  

Coaching facilitates increased self-reflection and awareness, self-growth, improved relationships, clarity of thought and support through the ever-changing world and lives we live.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, coaching aims to introduce clarity and self-motivation. Our approach is evidence based incorporating Positive Psychology research to inform our practice. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Business discussion session


To offer time and space for the client to be heard, supported in a non-judgmental manner to allow them to draw on their own resources to reach their intended outcome.


To offer a service that allows clients to experience the power of a coaching relationship to allow growth, permit a shift or movement to a place of optimal functioning. 


Positive Psychology Coaching

Coaching is not counselling, nor is it psychotherapy. Coaching does make up part of the helping profession with its focus on what makes

'Individuals and communities flourish, rather than languish'

(Boniwell and Tunariu, 2019)

Positive Psychology Coaching allows the client to focus on themselves, in the present and in the future, whilst taking account of your journey so far; acknowledging the full range of human experiences.

 Positive Psychology allows for the opportunity to focus on

'Nurturing what is best within ourselves' (Seligman,1999, p2).

Psychology historically focused on weakness and damage, but Positive Psychology focuses on virtues, strengths, cultivating talent and improving our lives. 

 Listening, making connections, holding time and space and drawing on the science of positive psychology provides the backbone to our coaching way of being  

(Van Nieuwerburgh & Lowe, 2021).

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